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Synergy between Sport and Expedition

Be-Well is a British company specialising in the design and manufacture of unique nutrition products including Health Products, Vegetarian Foods, Outdoor Foods, Expedition Foods, Military Rations and Fitness Foods.

Most of us believe we obtain adequate nutrition from what we eat. However, much of today’s food is far removed from what we need to achieve optimum nutritional status. The widespread use of chemical fertilisers has depleted most foods of essential minerals and trace elements vital to the correct functioning of our bodies. Studies with sports performers indicate that training further depletes key nutrients and that this can be a problem for anyone leading an active or stressful life.

At Be-Well we create products that increase people’s immunity to stress and their efficiency in converting available energy. Regular users of Be-Well products benefit from a strong immune system allowing their metabolism to fully function. The end result sees them achieving enhanced speed, strength and mental control.

Today Be-Well acts as a nutritional manager to many household names in sport including, Martin Johnson, Sonia O’Sullivan, Adrian Turner and Shirley Robertson. Be-Well is continuing its research with nutriceuticals as they have been shown to have remarkable properties as antioxidants in the body. Be-Well aims to develop further innovative products that help us all maintain our health and guard against disease.