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Team Be-Well

Be-Well has been providing nutritional management to top performers since 1979 when Brian Welsby was first approached by Sir Ranulph Fiennes to help develop a nutritional strategy and create the products required to support his circum-polar navigation of the earth. Today the company employs several nutritionists and sport physicians who help athletes and adventurers to be the best they can.

The company’s early foray into sports nutrition started when Brian was approached by professional atheletes for nutritional guidance. At that time the relationship between a nutritionist and athlete was viewed with great scepticism especially by the sporting press. However, the development of this athelete as a World-class athlete coincided with a greater acceptance of the role of nutrition in optimal athletic performance. Now Be-Well manages over 250 elite athletes at various stages of their career. In recent years Be-Well has received critical acclaim in the sporting and national media for their role in guiding some of today’s finest athletes to fulfilment of their athletic potential. Read more in News and Views.